Update and Comments – 18 April, 2021

Hopefully, some of you noticed that I have added an extra section to my blog called “Coffee and a Chat”. The reason for my starting this is that, on so many occasions, I feel that there is something which, although not earth shattering, happens to appeal to my senses in one way or another. It is often watching a bird or even a small lizard getting on with its day-to-day activities, that gives me a feeling of pleasure, and a reason to be alive in this crazy, confusing world in which we find ourselves currently. Things such as those I have mentioned above may take me just a few sentences to describe or, who knows, something simple may justify a couple of paragraphs. One way or the other, I will be attempting to post on a fairly regular basis, and hence will attempt to prevent writer’s block from paralyzing both my mind as well as my hands!

On a slightly different note, it was such an emotional afternoon watching her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, sitting in the chapel at Windsor Castle, observing her husband’s funeral service. As she arrived at the entrance, she seemed so small and fragile, and one just felt the need for someone to hold her arm and escort her safely to her pew. After all, at 94 years of age, albeit fit and healthy enough to still ride her horses, a stumble could so easily have occurred. Fortunately, nothing untoward did happen. Many of us watching the ceremony must have felt a great sadness just seeing her enduring the service so very alone with her grief.  She has lost not only her long-time beloved husband but a support system which cannot be replaced. Extremely sad indeed.

Well, that’s my bit for today, and I do appreciate knowing that there are a number of readers out there who do seem to enjoy at least some of the writings which are on my blog.

Bye for now and see you on the Magic Roundabout!

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